Online Grants Management System

The Foundation has partnered with Foundant Technologies to offer all applicants and grantees access to an integrated, online grants management system.  The automated system includes all stages of the application process, including letters of inquiry (LOIs), applications, award decisions and follow-up grant reports.  We accept only applications submitted through the online system.

Common Questions, Issues and Notes

Organizational Accounts

Every organization is assigned one account in our system.  If your organization has been a past applicant or grantee of the Oberkotter Foundation, then the organization has login credentials established in our database and a primary contact has been assigned to the organization for our records.  Please do not create a new organizational profile to reapply.  Contact David King at  dking@oberkotterfoundation.org if you do not know your organization’s username or password; if you would like to change the primary contact for the organization; or if any of the organization’s information needs to be edited.

Multiple people can be associated with one organization, can submit LOIs and applications on behalf of the organization and can be responsible for submitting annual reports when a grant is awarded.  However, only 1 person can be the primary contact for the organization and we generally send all grant-related correspondence, including grant agreements and grant payments to the primary contact identified.  Before opening a new account or submitting an LOI or application, please consult with the appropriate individuals within your organization about who will have primary responsibility for any grant relationship with the Foundation and who will have responsibility for receiving communications and submitting required forms.  Contact us if you need help making changes or setting your account up.  We are happy to do what we can to streamline the process.

Submitting Forms

Before submitting an LOI or application, you will have the opportunity to “Preview” the form to see the questions asked and to print a “Question List” for easy reference.  If you start an application and decide not to submit it, we will mark the form as “abandoned” after the grant cycle closes.  This preserves the form in your records for future reference by you.

When submitting a form, pay close attention to character limits, which include spaces, and make sure you have uploaded all requested documents and information.  We generally suggest that you convert files to pdf format before uploading so that your formatting is retained.  There is a “Fax-to-File” feature which allows you to convert a document to pdf format.

Accessing Applications

Our grant cycles generally begin with Letters of Inquiry (LOIs).  When a cycle is open you will be able to access the LOI from your dashboard and submit it by the due date.  If your LOI is approved and you are invited to submit a full proposal, the application form will be made available for you to complete.

Sometimes we run special grant processes that are by invitation only.  In those cases, should you be invited to apply for a special grant, you will be given a private access code and instructions for completing and submitting the application.


For more information on our online grant management system and how to log-in, create an account and submit a form, please review our instructions.

If you are having problems accessing your dashboard or submitting a form, it may be an issue with your browser.  Please try another internet browser to see if that corrects the problem.