Grantee Login

Managing your grant

All Oberkotter grants are managed through our online grantmaking platform delivered in partnership with Foundant Technologies. 

To manage an existing Oberkotter grant or submit a report, log-in to your individual dashboard within the grantmaking platform (and consider bookmarking the link for future access).


Contact David King at if you do not know your organization’s username or password; if you would like to change the primary contact for the organization; or if any of the organization’s information needs to be edited.  If you have changes to your staff while a project is active or if you need help making changes or setting your account up, contact us and we can help you update your records.

If you are having problems accessing your dashboard or submitting a form, it may be an issue with your browser.  Please try another internet browser to see if that corrects the problem.

Questions?  Need help?   Contact David King, Grants and Projects Leader  (